WP2: Development

Description: This work package aims to:

1) design the curriculum which includes the design of the structure of the entrepreneurship and innovation technology professional training and the selection of the courses to be offered. Then, define course objectives, and learning outcomes based on the output from WP1 and the result of a systematic review for the current standards, recommendations, and curricula.

2) develop entrepreneurship and innovation technology professional training courses material to be taught at PC universities to help build skills in startup development. Each Palestinian university with the support of EU partners will develop three courses material including the course about Entrepreneurship and Innovation Technology that will be developed in WP3, while each Tunisian university will develop two courses. These courses will be shared with all other universities. A total of 10 courses will be developed, 3 courses will be developed as part of WP2 to formulate the program curriculum and learning content. The tentative course titles are the general modules including Design Thinking for Technology Innovation, Business Development for young Entrepreneurs, Startup Marketing, Project and innovation management, Startup funding; the specialized modules including Cloud Computing for Young Entrepreneurs, Innovation by IoT, Innovation in 3D Printing Technology, Innovation in Big Data, Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation.

The tenth course will be part of WP3 and focus on Entrepreneurial mindset and innovation technology, this course combines knowledge and skills in new technologies with the entrepreneurship skills in idea generation, problem-solving and business development. The tentative title of the course is Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation, which will be developed as part of WP3

3) Capacity building of PC staff through visits to the EU. PC staff will participate in 5 visits to the EU Universities that have established similar entrepreneurship and startup capability programs, to gather an understanding of how such programs were developed and their current status. EU partners will review the developed courses. LI (P4) will review the developed course about Entrepreneurship and Innovation Technology in WP3.


2.1 Defining training program objectives, Learning Outcomes, and career perspective.

2.2 Design the curriculum training course modules

2.3 Define delivery approaches and assessment

2.4 Partner country faculty members training at EU universities Workshop

2.5 Analysis and Setting up of the teaching platform

2.6 Analysis and Acquirement of Teaching and Learning Resources

2.7 Publish learning material on the platform